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Free Rain Barrel Program

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) will provide residents with up to four free rain barrels per each property address. Rain barrels are 55 gallons large, and include instructions, an installation kit and a secured, locking lid with screening. MWRD will have the barrels delivered to your home at no charge.

In order to receive a free rain barrel, residents must submit their signed order form to the Village Hall by NOON on Friday, Dec. 30.

Please print, read, sign and return this order form

Pre-printed applications are also available at Village Hall, 1900 Hassell Road.

Approved rain barrels, gutters and downspouts must be maintained in proper working order, and be free of leaks, obstructions and debris. They must also include a child-proof and rodent-proof cover secured in place, intake screen, mosquito screen, and spigot. Each winter, drain the barrel, and store inside a garage or shed to avoid water freezing and cracking the barrel. Outside storage is prohibited. Rain barrels no longer in use must be returned to the Village.

Active Participation in Local Organizations

Hoffman Estates participates in sustainable programs with the following organizations:


Village Environmental Awards

  • Gold Level Community Status, Clean Air Counts - 2010
  • Irwin A. Bock Award for Excellence in Public Administration - Environmental Stewardship, North West Municipal Conference - 2010
  • Platinum Level Community Status, Clean Air Counts - 2011
  • Illinois Governor's Sustainability Award, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ILSTC)- 2011
  • Illinois Sierra Club's Cool Cities Achievements Award - 2012
  • Excellence in Energy Code Compliance Award, International Code Council - 2012
  • Illinois Governor's Sustainability Award Honorable Mention, ILSTC- 2014